The Tip of the Spear

We are Home Perfect and we are proud to be a “plank-owner” member at Step Beyond Green to Healthy. Watching the idea brought into reality and now mature into a coop of like-minded, top-of-the-industry professional businesses has been amazing. Some of you may know who we are and have an idea of what we do, but I want to elaborate a bit so you may be able to take advantage of our services and expertise to provide more value to your clients and customers.

Our credentials are:

*Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building AnalystProfessional

*BPI Healthy Homes AssessorBPI Infiltration & Duct Leakage Analyst

*Air Advise Certified Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Specialist

*Certified Mold Inspection, Identification, and Control Specialist

We use building science to inspect, evaluate and trouble-shoot a plethora of systems & issues in residential homes, always looking at the building as a whole and evaluating how systems work together.

We offer Healthy Homes Assessments which are a comprehensive look at a home or small business with focus on 6 areas:

Is the home/building dry- leaks from exterior or interior, gutters, lot drainage etc.

Is the home/building Clean – inside & out, unkept homes lead to other issues

Is the home/building safe – look for existing and potential safety issues Is the home

Is the home/building Well Ventilated – the ventilation system(s) and IAQ sampling

Is the home/building Pest Free – signs of bugs & rodient’s

Is the home/building Contaminant Free – IAQ sample testing, Energy Efficient – a complete Focus on Energy Assessment

We also offer Focus on Energy Assessments where the focus in on the comfort and energy efficiency of the Is the home/building, but can also be used to troubleshoot moisture issues like ice dams, condensation problems, and mold issues.

Service includes computer modeling of the home/building which not only qualifies customers for the Focus on Energy incentives for building shell insulation & air sealing work, but for the IRA – Inflation Reduction Act incentives and tax credits that are part of the federal IRA law.

We guide clients through all these incentives as well as provide them with updated tax information at years-end.

Through comprehensive reports derived from out assessments, we make recommendations for various improvements and we direct clients to our partners in STBTH, and explain that these partners are like-minded and have a thorough understanding of environmentally friendly and safe alternatives.

We see ourselves as the “spearhead” of many types of projects, advisors on energy efficiency and safety issues, and troubleshooters for those problem issues that just won’t go away.

Please include us in your contact management files, we’re always happy to talk about how we can improve your business and consult on problems you are having. We would be happy to connect and learn more about just what makes your services the best or just leave a comment about your business.

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